Main goal of this project was to develop the new machining tool with improved operating characteristics (higher kinematics, longer lifetime, intensive cooling and variability). The major advantage of this new generation milling head is the radical reduction of the weight by more than 50% versus standard cutting tools. Final mechanical stability is similar to the full volume body milling head. A further advantage is the possibility of using a special internal cooling system for the clearance and rake faces of the cutting inserts. The cutting tool is used as a universal tool for all machined materials. Inconel 718 was used for the long-term tests, where the real strength and stiffness were verified and the benefits of the internal cooling system were confirmed. The tool was 3D printed on EOS M290 printer by the DMLS technology (Direct Metal Laser Sintering).

Project contact person:

doc. Ing. Miroslav Zetek, Ph.D., +420 702 091 407, mzetek@rti.zcu.cz


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