Agentura RAFAEL s.r.o. is one of the most important entities in the Czech Republic in the field of adult retraining. One of the agency’s specialization is education in the field of spa and health services, in which the company was interested in innovating and making the educational process more attractive. In cooperation with the University of West Bohemia, an application for virtual reality was developed, where the participant has the opportunity to practice a specific balneology procedure of Scottish showers. This application gives trainees the opportunity to test the procedure process several times, and thus gain confidence in its implementation, before the actual application on a real patient. The application offers several levels of difficulty depending on the distance of the nozzles from the patient and the thickness of the water jet. Both male and female patient models are also available. The application was developed with the help of the Unity 3D programming environment and is intended primarily for Qculus Quest 2 headsets.

Project contact person:

Ing. Marek Bureš, Ph.D., +420 606 050 830, buresm@rti.zcu.cz


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