The Simply Invest company based in the Karlovy Vary region specializes in the construction of wooden houses. This company is constantly working on a good relationship with the customers and for this reason has come up with a request to use augmented reality technology in marketing. In cooperation with architects and designers, the 3D models of wooden houses were created, which were then inserted into a mobile application that allows the customer to view the selected catalogue house directly on his building site. Thus he has a unique opportunity to visualize a potential house on a building site, verify the connection to the roads or orientation to the world sites. Thanks to the processed interior of each 3D model house, it is possible to walk inside the selected house and properly explore it. The application currently contains 12 models of houses and can be downloaded on both the Android (Google Play) and iOS (Apple Store) platforms.

Project contact person:

Ing. Marek Bureš, Ph.D., +420 606 050 830, buresm@rti.zcu.cz


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