The company COMTES FHT deals with research and development in the field of additive technologies. Our laboratories are equipped with 3D printers for metal and polymer materials.

The area of ​​3D printing is handled comprehensively from the digital design of 3D printing, through verification using simulation calculations, to actual printing including post-processing of heat treatment, not excluding subsequent expertise such as metallography, fractography, hardness measurement and basic and advanced measurement of the resulting mechanical properties on miniaturized test samples.

A key part of our equipment is Directed Energy Deposition technology. It is a very precise welding of layers of metal materials with the possibility of continuously changing the chemical composition of individual layers. Through this technology, it is possible according to requirements to print additional structural elements with special properties on parts produced by conventional technologies. The functional coating produced in this way will improve the local properties of the part and at the same time extend its service life. The application potential is in the form of functional layers and edges.

Project contact person:

Miroslav Urbánek, +420 724 316 186,