In cooperation with the University of West Bohemia and the Fire Brigade, we have completed the development of a drone prototype designed for the fire brigade. The drone is equipped with a platform that allows the carrying of 9 sensor units, which the drone is able to distribute and drop at autonomous / automated mode at designated points.

The device is automatically activated after the drop and via the data network (in the field we create our own network on LoRaWan technology, including the ability to create data satellite connectivity using Cobham Explorer technology) it transmits data from sensors to the application with which the intervention commander works. He thus has the data available on what dangerous substance he is facing during the intervention and has information on its spread.

The sensor unit is designed for:

  • drop from approx. 30 m (fall dumping),
  • possible changeover of the sensor types (temperature, gas detection, radioactivity, etc.),
  • repeated use,
  • real-time communication (data transfer to the application, where they are visualized by the intervention commander).

The benefits of the solution for the fire brigade are connected with:

  • the ability to quickly deploy sensors around a crisis event (fire, chemical spill, etc.) at the designated points.
  • the ability to detect with the help of distributed sensors what type of substance and in what concentrations it is.
  • with monitoring over time (direction of the spread, intensity, etc.).

Project contact person:

Pavel Šmíd, +420 378 035 540,


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