The company COMTES FHT offers, among others, services in the field of development design and numerical simulations.

In development design, we offer for our customers the design of jigs, single-purpose machines, forming tools, the design of the shapes of test samples and semi-finished products, and the preparation of CAD data for numerical simulations and production. Our customers also benefit from the results of strength and temperature analysis associated with the optimization of structures and reverse engineering based on the digitization of the part using 3D scanners and the subsequent creation of a computer model, a so-called virtual twin.

Numerical simulations are used to describe and visualize forming processes, heat treatment and additive manufacturing. In the field of forming, we offer cold and hot forming simulations. Specifically, these are loose and die forging, rolling of pipes, profiles and sheets, drawing of pipes and wires, cutting and punching, deep drawing of sheets etc. Heat treatment simulations enable determination of temperature distribution including phase transformations and prediction of hardness. In additive manufacturing, the simulations focus on the distribution of the temperature field and residual stress after printing.

Project contact person:

Miroslav Urbánek, +420 724 316 186,